Finnish Aviation Museum


The core of the Finnish Aviation Museum's collection are the civilian and military aircraft used in Finland. The museum's glider collection is remarkable. E.g. numerous PIK-family gliders designed by Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho (Polytechnicians' Flight Club) belong to the museum's collection.

Additional information about the aircraft only in Finnish.

Adaridi 1
Hall I, ceiling
Atol 450 U165 U1658801 not on exhibit
Beechcraft 95-A55 Baron OH-BBA TC-261 Hall II, floor
Bell 47D-1 OH-HIA 646 Hall II, floor
Blomqvist-Nyberg 1 Hall II, floor
Bristol Blenheim Mk I ( aft fuselage)
BL-180 not on exhibit
OH-450X 1 Hall II, loft
Caudron C.60 CA-84 24 Hall I, floor
Cessna U206A
OH-MAF U206-0639 not on exhibit
Convair 440 Metropolitan
OH-LRB 73 Hall II, floor
D.F.S. 108-14 Schulgleiter SG-38
SG-1 1 Hall I, ceiling
D.F.S. 108-70 Olympia OH-OAA 1/45
Hall I, ceiling
DH Vampire D.H.100
VA-2 VO-692 Hall I, floor
DH Vampire Trainer T.55 VT-9 VTO699 Hall I, floor
DHC-2 Beaver OH-MVL 141 Hall II, floor
Douglas DC-3 OH-VKB 1975 Hall II, floor
Eklund TE-1 OH-TEA 1 Hall II, floor
Fibera KK-1e UTU OH-355 13 not on exhibit
Fibera KK-1e UTU OH-368 21/68 Hall I, ceiling
Fieseler FI 156K-1 Storch OH-FSA 4230/39 Hall II, floor
Folland FO 141 Gnat F.1 GN-105 FL23 not on exhibit
Folland FO 141 Gnat F.1 GN-106 FL28 not on exhibit
Fouga CM-170 Magister FM-42 22 not on exhibit
Gloster Gamecock Mk II (fuselage)
GA-58 15 Hall I, floor
Grunau 9 G-36 22/39 Hall I, ceiling
Grunau Baby IIb OH-BAA 12/43 Hall I, ceiling
Grunau Baby IIb OH-BAR 27 Hall II, ceiling
Harakka I H-5 05/46 Hall II, ceiling
Harakka II H-56 24/52 Hall I, ceiling
Heinonen HK-1 Keltiäinen OH-HKA 1 Hall II, floor
Ilmalaiva Colt GA-42 (gondola)
OH-ITA/G-BRXM not on exhibit
I.V.L. A.22 Hansa IL-2 2 Hall I, floor
JT-6 (PIK 20E) OH-520X 1 Hall II, floor
Junkers A 50 Junior OH-ABB 3530 not on exhibit
Karhumäki Karhu 48B OH-VKL 6 Hall II, floor
Kassel 12 A "13" Vesivehmaa
Klemm L25 OH-KLA 137 not on exhibit
Kokkola KO-04 Super Upstart OH-XYY 1 Hall II, floor
OH-XMH Hall II, floor
L-13n-10 Blanik OH-VLK Hall II, ceiling
LET Z-37 Cmelak OH-CMB 04-09 not on exhibit
Letov S.218 A Smolik SM-153 VLII/17 Hall I, floor
Lockheed 18-07 Lodestar OH-VKU 18-2006 Hall II, floor
Mahe Scout OH-UO17 12 Hall II, ceiling
Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2 (front fuselage)
MT-208 14743 Hall I, floor
MiG-21BIS MG-111 75064540 yard
MiG-21BIS MG-135 75084554 not on exhibit
MiG-21UM MK-105 51691001 not on exhibit
Mil Mi-4 HR-3 009114 Hall II, floor
Mil Mi-8P HS-6 13306
HS-1 13301 not on exhibit
PIK 3a Kanttikolmonen OH-YKA 1/50 Hall I, ceiling
PIK 3c Kajava OH-201 3 Hall II, floor
PIK 5b OH-PAR 16/50 Hall I, ceiling
PIK 10 Moottoribaby OH-PXA 1 Hall I, ceiling
PIK 11 Tumppu OH-YMA 1 Hall II, floor
PIK 12 Gabriel OH-KYC 3 Hall II, ceiling
PIK 16c Vasama OH-571 38 Hall II, floor
PIK 20 prototype OH-425X 1 Hall II, ceiling
Piper PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow OH-PJN 28R-30885 Hall II, floor
Polikarpov UTI-4 ( I-16 UTI) UT-1 Hall I, floor
PZL SM-1SZ (Mil Mi-1U)
HK-1 A07029 Hall II, floor
QAC Quickie 1
OH-XQA 1 not on exhibit
Reims/Cessna 150J OH-CBQ 0526 not on exhibit
Saab 91D Safir SF-9 91.355 Hall I, floor
Saab J 35B Draken DK-206 35245 Hall I, floor
Saab J 35C Draken DK-262 35823 not on exhibit
SZD-9bis 1c Bocian OH-177 P-284 Hall II, ceiling
SZD-10bis Czapla
OH-KCC W-51 Hall II, ceiling
Taivaankirppu (replica)
OH-BFA 1 Hall II, floor
Valmet Tuuli III TL-1/ OH-XTL 1 not on exhibit
Valmet Vihuri (front fuselage)
VH-25 not on exhibit
VL Pyry II PY-27 26 Hall I, floor
VL Sääski II SÄ-122 11 Hall I, floor
VL Tuisku TU-178 29 Hall I, floor
VL Viima II OH-VII 22 Hall I, floor
WWS Salamandra OH-SAA 147 Hall I, ceiling

How to find the aircraft ?

The location of the airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft is marked in the last column in the chart.
Aircraft with the status "not on exhibit" are currently being conserved or in the museum's storage.