Finnish Aviation Museum

Foundation & History

The Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation

The Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation was founded in 1996. Until them the museum was owned by the Aviation Museum Society, which had also built the museum. The shareholders of the foundation are The Aviation Museum Society, Finnair Ltd, Civil Aviation Administration Finavia, The Finnish Aeronautical Association, Patria Ltd and the City of Vantaa. Also The Finnish Air Force participates in the administration of the foundation. The Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation was added in the foundation register on November 11th 1996.

The governing bodies of the Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation are the 13-member representative body, board of trustees and the museum director.


The board of trustees of the Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation in 2013:

  • Sami von Wehrt, (Chairman)
  • Antti Ala-Heikkilä
  • Ilkka Kangastalo
  • Pekka Kuosmanen
  • Seppo Starck
  • Juha Sarasto
  • Janne Rönnbäck

History of the museum

The Aviation Museum Society was founded on December 4th 1969, and the first permanent exhibition was opened in the basement corridor of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on June 12th 1972. At The National Board of Antiquities' request; the board of trustees of the society decided to nominate the corridor exhibition as an official aviation museum in June 1977. The building of the museum on its current place was begun on May 8th 1980. The first exhibition hall was ready the next autumn and was opened to public on September 24th 1981. The next hall to be build was the so called middle hall, which was taken in use on March 15th 1985. The second large exhibition hall with archive and work premises was taken in use on September 26th 1989. The middle hall was extended in 1995. Then a small café, Café Coupé, and some archive premises that meet the museum standards, could be taken in use.

The latest extension became ready on April 15th 1998. A new office wing with work premises, a modern auditorium for 200 people, a café-restaurant and the museum library were taken in use. Downstairs there are also archive and work premises that meet the museum standards. Ministry of Education nominated the Finnish Aviation Museum as a national special museum from the beginning of January 1st 1997.

Did you know?

Moving the Convair Metropolitan to the museum area in 1981 was quite a job. The plane weighs 14 200 kg  and its wingspan measures over 32 meters. The plane was towed to the museum along the Tietotie Street. Trees by the street had to be cut down in order to get the plane to the museum.